Imagine a material that will revolutionize your life. Here at Carbon Fiber SG, we believe that such a material is not science fiction but currently available. Previously a material only seen in expensive aerospace and automobile industries, we have revolutionized the industry to provide you with practical apparel made from this incredible material.

Founded as a lifestyle brand that is focused on providing you with only the best carbon fiber products, we are constantly working to provide you with only the best for every day life as a leader in the industry. From money clips to iPad, Macbook, and iPhone cases, we guarantee 100% carbon fiber. We live and breath carbon fiber, knowing through experience its incredible application and ability to make your life better. Being extremely lightweight and durable, carbon fiber never loses its original form. Utilizing its superior strength that comes from its atomic design, you will have a material that defies conventional materials.

Every product that Carbon Fiber SG releases is carefully treated prior to being sent out. This includes careful sanding followed by lamination. In addition, the final product is then polished to provide a surface that will last for a long time. Checked and tested, each of our products is held to rigorous standards before being shipped to you. Constructed of the highest quality carbon fiber, we take pride in our craftsmanship and hope that you will love these accessories as much as we do.

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